Setup the UKG Pro Connection

Connect to AD uses the UKG Pro API to read employee records and determine what needs to be sent over to Active Directory.

You will need to setup a UKG Pro service account in order to access the UKG Pro API.

Service accounts can be added directly in UKG Pro by navigating to
Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration > Add

Enter a user name. We recommend using ConnectToAD as the user name so that its purpose is recognizable to others.

Enter an email. We recommend using The email address is no longer used by UKG, but is still required.

The password will be auto-generated upon clicking the Save button. You need to record the generated password as you will need to enter it into Connect to AD when configuring the UKG Pro connection.

Next we will assign the service account permissions.

Select the View (and Edit) permissions for the following services:

  • Employee Person Details (required for Person related fields)
  • Personnel Integrations (required for the Employment, Alternate Phone and Platform Configuration related fields)
  • Company Configuration Integration (required for Org Level, Job, Location and Project related fields).
  • Employee Person (only required if you intend to send the Active Directory Email Address back to UKG Pro for USA and Canada employees). 
  • Employee Global New Hire (only required if you intend to send the Active Directory Email Address back to UKG Pro for Global employees). 

After the service account has been saved, you should see it under Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration

We are going to need a few things in a minute when we setup the UKG Pro connection in Connect to AD.

  • Service Account User Name
  • Service Account Password (the generated password from saving the service account)
  • Customer API Key
  • User API Key 

We are almost there, just one more thing we need to grab before we start entering the info into Connect to AD.

We need grab the UKG API host. We can get this information by navigating to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Web Services

We don't need the full URL, we only need to record the host section.

If you are using a PRODUCTION instance of UKG Pro it would most likely be one of the following:

If you are using a TEST instance of UKG Pro it would most likely be one of the following:
We are now ready to enter the UKG API connection details into Connect to AD and we will need the following pieces of information:
  • API Host URL
  • Service Account User Name
  • Service Account Password
  • Customer API Key
  • User API Key 

Open Connect to AD and navigate to the UKG Pro Connection section. Here you will be able to enter and check the connection to the UKG Pro API.

After entering the connection details, you can check if the connection is valid by clicking on the green check button. This action will ping the UKG Pro API and validate the required communication with the UKG Pro API.

By default, Connect to AD does not read the custom datasets, User Defined and Platform Configuration fields. This is by design to make the sync process complete faster if custom fields are not required.

If you intend to create rules or mappings that reference user defined or platform configuration fields, then please switch on the settings to include user defined or platform configuration fields.

If you run into any issues during this process, please check our support area for additional guidance.

We are here to help you.

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