The objective of this tutorial is to show the steps you need to perform to keep Active Directory (AD) user accounts in sync with UKG employees.


Use this tutorial, if the users you keep in Active Directory on-premises need to stay in sync with UKG employees.


Connect to AD integrates with the UKG Pro API in order to provision,  deprovision and keep Active Directory user accounts in sync with UKG employees. Connect to AD enables automation of the following human resources and identity lifecycle management scenarios:

  • Hiring new employees - When a new employee is added to UKG Pro, a user account is automatically created in Active Directory, with the potential to write-back the IT-managed email address to UKG Pro.

  • Employee attribute and profile updates - When an employee record is updated in UKG Pro (such as their name, title, or manager), their user account will be automatically updated in Active Directory.

  • Employee terminations - When an employee is terminated in UKG Pro, their user account is automatically disabled in Active Directory.

  • Employee rehires - When an employee is rehired in UKG Pro, their old account can be automatically reactivated in Active Directory.


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