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Sync UKG and Active Directory

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User Provisioning

Create the Active Directory user when an employee is hired in UKG

User Deprovisioning

Disable the Active Directory user when an employee is terminated in UKG

Attribute Mapping

Keep the Active Directory user attributes in sync with the UKG employee values

Group Mapping

Set Active Directory group membership based on UKG values

Automatic Manager Mapping

Set the Active Directory manager by automatically syncing it with the supervisor from UKG.

Keep Email Address Synced

When a users email address within Active Directory is updated, it will automatically sync back to the UKG employee record.


Send custom email notifications when a user is created, updated, or disabled, allowing you to stay informed and take action in real-time based on events happening in UKG.

UKG Fields

Access multiple UKG fields, including custom UKG fields

Expressions & Conditions

Unleash your integration requirements by leveraging the power of expressions and conditions.