Connect to AD + 10 of Hours Implementation Services

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Connect to AD + 10 of Hours Implementation Services

Connect to AD + 10 of Hours Implementation Services

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License 1 Year License + 10 Hours Expert Services

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What's Included?

  • Work one-on-one with an implementation expert who takes time to understand your integration requirements.
  • Informed with your success criteria, your implementation expert will navigate you through every step of the configuration, ensuring a flawless and streamlined process.
  • Even after Connect to AD is up and running, they will remain available to provide ongoing support and assistance.
  • This reduces the time required for implementation, minimizes disruptions to ongoing operations, and helps organizations realize the benefits of Connect to AD more quickly.
  • Additionally, efficient implementation minimizes the risk of costly rework or troubleshooting that can arise from improper implementation.

    Please reach out to if you prefer to pay with a bank transfer.

    We'll send all the required documents you need to initiate a bank transfer.

    We'll confirm receipt of the funds and then send you a product activation key.

    After completing the purchase, we'll send a product activation code within 24 business hours to the email address you provide at checkout.

    Connect to AD is available as a free 14 day evaluation with all features enabled. After the trial period ends you can keep your working configuration and upgrade to a paid license and continue deploying uninterrupted.

    To download the evaluation version, go here

    Connect to AD is licensed annually and includes technical support, bug fixes, enhancements and new features released during the license term. Connect to AD is not available on a perpetual basis.

    You are purchasing an annual license that allows you to use Connect to AD for the duration of the license term. After the license term expires, you will need to purchase a new license to continue using Connect to AD.

    Discounts are automatically built directly into the prices we offer. The longer the license term, the cheaper Connect to AD becomes.

    We do not offer any discounts beyond the term discounts. This policy allows us to treat all customers equally and means there's no guessing or uncertainty around our prices.